Digital Marketing

Digital advertising with strategy.

Digital marketing has changed how businesses and consumers interact.  Consumers want ads to be interactive and take them to exactly what they want to buy. 

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google and targeted digital ads such as IP targeting or GeoFencing advertising have made advertising on a large scale, available to the average business owner.  

You can determine your budget. Track who is clicking on your digital ads and who is converting to customer. 

Digital Advertising for Business

Digital advertising goes way beyond just pay per click or keyword targeting.  Digital ads can get very specific.  From targeting specific addresses, events or IPs, to targeting consumers based on behaviors, likes, and interests; digital advertising does the work for you. 

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Pinterest Ads, Google Ads, GeoFencing Ads are all different forms of digital advertising.  However, each platform behaves differently.  That's why Clover Social Media takes into account your business strategy, budget, your goals, who your target audience is and their behaviors when recommending digital advertising platforms. 

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